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Welcome to the UNM-Taos Alumni Association!
   About the UNM-TAA
Welcome to the UNM-Taos Alumni Association, or UNM-TAA!

From all areas of the Northern New Mexico Community, the UNM-TAA and Alumni Relations Program at the UNM-Taos Office of Development keep the University of New Mexico Taos Branch Campus and its alumni communicating and connected.

As reflected by our community roots, our membership is inclusive and open to any individual who has attended classes and feels that they have established a relationship with the college. As well, we are open to any friends of the college within the community.

The UNM-TAA is governed by an Executive Committee charged with guiding the Association to further the goals, ideals, and development of UNM-Taos. The Association strives to serve the institution and the community through substantial engagement of UNM-Taos alumni and the community at large.

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UNM-TAA Members are now eligible for a LegalShield Group Benefit Membership! Click below for more information!


The UNM-TAA is pleased to announce that it will offer two $500 scholarships to attend UNM-Taos in the Spring 2012 semester through the UNM-TAA Scholars Program. Members of the association may apply for this scholarship, so if you are a student or plan to be, please make sure you sign up for your membership! The scholarship application materials will be available to UNM-TAA members in early January 2012!

Support Higher Education in Northern New Mexico!

The UNM-Taos Office of Development is pleased to introduce our new fundraising campaign: The Circle of Giving.

Please visit our website at: WWW.UNMTAOSGIVING.ORG to learn more, and make sure to watch our Circle of Giving video by clicking on the link on the homepage.

Remember, the Circle of Giving… begins with you.

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Currently enrolled part-time or full-time students may now join for free!

The UNM-Taos Alumni Association is pleased to announce that currently enrolled part-tme (6-11 Credit Hours) and full-time (12 or more Credit Hours) students  may now join the UNM-TAA for free and receive the same benefits as the UNM-TAA Regular Membership. Click the "Apply Now" link above for more information!

Vanilla Pop at KTAOS Solar Center - UNM-TAA Benefit Concert

UNM-TAA Benefit Concert with Vanilla Pop!

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The UNM-Taos Alumni Assocation for information - contact: Louis Moya, Director of Development 1157 County Rd. 110 Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557 575.737.3737 -

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